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Nature Immersion Slow Walk
Forest Therapy - Forest Bathing



Nature Immersion Slow Walk 

Forest Therapy - Forest Bathing 


We will be walking slowly in a natural rain forest environment, being present in each step, connecting with our senses, reaching our hearts and letting our inner light show us the path and wisdom beyond the human world.


Our souls and our physical body probably will feel better after spending time with nature. Forest Bathing has the ability to inspire awe and wonder, serenity and peace, healing and restorative qualities to our bodies.


 It can reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and depression. It can help boost immune systems, encourage physical activity and may reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Improve sleep, cognitive functioning, improve creativity, increase energy, increase sense of gratitude, generosity and selflessness, improve quality of life. 


The walk will take around 3 hours, including coming and going. We will walk 1 mile approx, a light level hike.

*** remembering we are nature ***



Price: $55  per person

Duration: 3  hours approximately 

Departure: 08:00 a.m. approximately.

Meeting Place: Cocles 


Includes:  guide and transportation for max, 4 people.



Please bring water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hat and raincoat, lightweight shoes.

You can also bring something to share at the end of the experience. Big smile and open heart!


Level: Easy 

Minimum:  2 persons


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